Earn £100 an hour as an online fortune teller

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Earn £100 an hour as an online fortune teller. For anyone who is already working as a card reader you will know that the internet offers a wonderful way to help others all over the World without any travelling or inconvenience to yourself. Skype is a wonderful way to speak to clients and it is safe too. Most therapists and psychics much prefer working online partly because it is safer than allowing people to come to see you. But it also means a lot less hassle, it is far quicker and it means you can widen your net and have clients in other countries rather than just those who can and are willing to travel to you. I remember years ago I knew a well known psychic who was tired of all this and switched to doing all of her consultations online. People she knew would give her advice – she did not ask for it or need it – telling her that she would be safe if she allowed clients to go to her so long as her husband was there when they visited her – nobody explained why her husband would take days off of work unpaid to sit around in case a client came or how he would endure the boredom of doing that. With psychics you sometimes get clients who are angry and have mental health issues, some of them come determined to hear that their lover will leave his wife to be with them, or something similar, and if the tarot reader or clairvoyant does not promise them what they want they get nasty to them, which can be very difficult to deal with if you are seeing them face to face in private alone.
There are two types of psychics – the straight one who does a sort of fortune telling and the one who also does life coaching, advice, problem solving or helping you to make the right decisions, with the idea that you end up following the best path available to you at that time rather than just going with the flow and hoping for luck to step in.

Another wonderful advantage to working online is that you get the personal touch and can see them and listen to them, take in their body language but without any distractions. When you go to see someone there can be traffic noise, other people in the home, people knocking on the door (yet another reason that makes home visits impractical is when clients turn up an hour early and expect the fortune teller to jump up and let them in and chat to them, despite knowing they do professional readings and have other clients who have also made appointments.

Those who are keen on doing this but have never done it before rest assured that it is a wonderful way to earn a living because it means that you are not forever waiting for a few dollars to come in nor are you being bored to tears working in a shop, a factory or a hum drum office.

One site where there are opportunities to work for them – which gives you the advantage of not having to spend on advertising to get clients, nor waste a lot of time sorting them out, is here. low cost clairvoyant psychic

They are always on the look out for reliable and wise people who are good with words, intuitive and able to respond to how someone feels. The pay is excellent, worthy of someone with such skills and charm. It is ideal for those who are experienced and who can truly help clients and have done it before. But some sites will also consider totally new and inexperienced staff and pay them less as they progress up the ladder. You will see call centres advertising who are eager to sign up just about anyone because they advertise a whole pool of potential readers and one of their main selling points is giving the client a hundred or more readers to choose from – readers of all styles and types and experience to suit all budgets and tastes

There is another point though. Now that the recession has hit everyone of us we have to think outside the box and look for ways to increase our income as well as how to minimise our spending. A lot of people are now turning to doing this type of work as a second part time job, because it is fun, unusual, exciting and pays well compared to their other options with the advantage that by working from home they can also see to cooking, cleaning, washing up, chores, watching television, perhaps an elderly relative or child and other stuff in between doing the work.Some have no intention of doing it full time, although some do end up deciding to do it all the time – usually those who cannot get a job or prefer working from home, some are carers or disabled and are stuck at home anyway. A second point is that with money being tight for everyone more people have lost their jobs or are finding it difficult to sort out their businesses and they need to find a way to deal with the stress that comes from this, online counselling is the answer for them.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Earn £100 an hour. Work as a fortune teller reader online. affordable clairvoyant psychic You can also sign up with an excellent clairvoyant psychic directory so that you can get your own clients, who pay you well, consulting you by email or telephone, whichever suits you best. And for those of you who are not psychic and cannot do the tarot cards why not sign up with this directory and hire yourself out as an professional online agony aunt online advice columnist or professional listener?


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