DiaperRush’s Tech Keeping Seniors Dry

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The Tech Keeping Seniors Dry & Comfortable
AquaZorb is a specially designed non-woven material that significantly increases the absorption capacity of DiaperRush diapers. This advanced technology provides superior protection against leaks and ensures a comfortable and dry experience for you. With AquaZorb, DiaperRush diapers can absorb twice as much liquid as most other diapers on the market, making DiaperRush the ideal choice for caregivers and wearers looking for comfortable, dry, reliable and high-performing diapers.
How to Convince Elderly Patients to Use Adult Diapers?
First off, work on your communication skills and don’t use the word “diapers” if you find it triggers them. Being from an earlier time, they may regard it a degrading word and can make an elderly person a little depressed. I work with seniors and many of them have started wearing pretty pull-ups when they go on long drives, outings or flights. Pull-ups help with bladder leaks when they laugh or sneeze, prevent odor, save their garments and give elderly people peace of mind. It’s all in the way you present the product. For seniors who are wheelchair bound and for bedtime they are a lifesaver. Elderly folk need their dignity, after all we are still the same person inside that we were when we were young, handsome or beautiful! Incontinence is right up there with handling how you are going to talk to the seniors you love about when it’s time for them to stop driving. Put yourself in their place. Everyone gets old, so spare a thought for elderly folk who need adult diapers.

Behavioral Tips To Manage Incontinence in Elderly Folk
Lifestyle changes help with bladder problems. Losing weight, quitting smoking, not consuming alcohol, choosing water instead of other drinks, and limiting drinks before bedtime can alleviate some bladder problems. Eating high-fiber foods to prevent constipation and avoiding lifting heavy objects may also help with incontinence. Post-treatment, some clients experience urine leakage occasionally. There are bladder control products and other solutions, including adult diapers, bed pads, and urine deodorizing pills that may help.

Bladder Training Pelvic floor exercises?In order to improve tone and strength for the supportive muscles around the urethra and bladder, which must remain tight to avoid urine leaks, you must engage in repetitive voluntary contractions. This is known as pelvic floor training. By planning and monitoring the duration between toilet visits, you can condition your body to regain control of its bladder. You should use the restroom up to eight times daily if you consume one liter and a half of liquid. If you need to go more frequently than that, bladder training might be helpful.

Bladder training entails developing new bladder-emptying behaviors and becoming aware of incontinence patterns. Consequently, avoid making “just in case” trips to the restroom and last-minute dashes. The bladder is trained to hold more urine throughout training, allowing you to go longer between trips to the bathroom. Instead of rushing to the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge, try distracting yourself or contracting your pelvic floor muscles. It can also be helpful to schedule bathroom visits and keep a bladder diary. By doing so, you can gradually increase the amount of time between bathroom trips and regain bladder control. By changing your behavior, you can treat, prevent, or lessen the effects of incontinence-related issues. Examples include ensuring that you don’t consume too little or too much fluid during the day and staying away from beverages like coffee and energy drinks that might aggravate the bladder.

You might also create a training program to lose weight, as it may help to reduce pressure on the bladder. It also helps to have healthy toilet habits. There are a few more therapeutic alternatives besides bladder training. In order to determine whether the proper muscles are contracting during pelvic floor training, biofeedback is a technique for gathering and assessing information. One example of this would be the use of sensors and computer monitoring. Utilizing a vaginal support device to support the urethra, bladder, vagina, uterus, and rectum is another option. Other possible treatments include various forms of surgery to treat the condition. Finally, of course, you can utilize our incontinence products to manage and control the issues you’re having.

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